As your voice in court, I will learn much about you.
It is only fair you should know something about me.  

My story

I come from strong blue-collar roots. My grandparents were both carpenters and my parents were hardworking owners of a small industrial fastening company. I was the first of my family to graduate university. My teachers have come from all walks of life.

I was not a natural student during high school, but found a love for the study of law at University. None of my achievements have come easy, but are a result of hard work and dedication.

I graduated from Bond University with Honours in 2010.

Having immigrated from New Zealand, I was raised to be extremely grateful for the opportunity and privilege of becoming an Australian citizen. This gratitude was expressed through service to the State of Queensland as a police officer and nearly a decade of service in the Australian Defence Force. I left the Australian Army as a Captain in 2019.

I have experienced the affect of divorce upon a family, lost friends to addiction and intervened in my fair share of tragedies.

I am a humanist, a believer in the rights and liberty of the individual, and passionate for justice.

I’m real and ready to advance your instructions.

I do not consider myself a ‘lawyers’ lawyer, I’m plain-talking, realistic and down-to-Earth. I keep up-to-date with technological advances and I am very willing to accept eBriefs. I have built my practice upon a lifetime of hard work and integrity. As you might expect from someone who has spent nearly a decade in the military, I’m self-disciplined and economical with time.

I understand legal proceedings and the Courts are a foreign environment to most people. I strive to ensure my clients know what to expect and are put at ease on the day.

When not otherwise engaged with clients, I’m continuing to learn. I expect to finish a Masters of Business Administration in late 2019 and I am also studying a Masters of Applied Law, specialising in Family Law.

I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.
— Thomas Jefferson

What i do

  • Administrative / Public Law

  • Appellate work

  • Business matters

  • Child protection matters

  • Civil & Human Rights / Discrimination

  • Criminal Law

  • Disciplinary Tribunals

  • Personal Injury

  • Domestic Violence

  • Family Law

  • Inquests, Commissions of Inquiry and Statutory tribunals

  • Military law matters, including responses to notices

  • Veterans rights & entitlements

  • Animal Law

My door is open to accept all briefs in any nature of matters. Please contact me to see how I may best assist you.

If I can’t help you, I’ll know someone who can.

- Nathan Laing