I am now a certified Australian Veteran Owned Business

I am proud to be a certified Australian Veteran Owned Business.

Australian Veteran Owned Business is a non-profit third party certifier which promotes the recognition of Australian Defence Force veteran owned and operated businesses. Third party certification is a process whereby an independent assessment declares that specified requirements pertaining to a product, person, process or management system have been met.

It is important that veterans are able to identify one-another. Although we walk among the community, our paths are forever changed and impacted by our military experience. We know that no-one understands military service like those who have themselves served (It’s also comforting to know your use of abbreviations and terms won’t be lost in translation!).

I commend this organisation to anyone reading who is a veteran and owns and operates their own business.

I also pledge to veteran members and their immediate family the provision a cost-effective professional legal service as my way of saying “thank you”.